1 Object of the general conditions of use - Scope of application

1.1. These terms and conditions govern the use of online gaming and other offers of services prepared by 4Story.GG on its internet pages. In case of registration or login by the user on the 4Story.GG portal, a client-based online gaming use contract (ie games that require the download of a client) is entered into with 4Story.GG

1.2. Online gaming and other service offerings are subject to continuous development, updates and adjustments by 4Story.GG. The user therefore has only the opportunity to participate in the online game or to use the other services in their updated version available at the time of use.

1.3. The online game and other services offered by 4Story.GG are for entertainment purposes only. It is also forbidden to use them for profit or for commercial purposes.

1.4. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the software and hardware used by them is up-to-date and suitable for use.

2 Stipulation of the contract

2.1. The prerequisite for using the online game and the other service offerings provided by 4Story.GG is user registration and / or access to the gaming client.

2.2. Registration is allowed only to natural persons. Only single persons are authorized for use as a user (groups, families, cohabitants, etc. are excluded). If the user is a minor, he / she ensures by sending his / her registration request to have an effective authorization issued by his / her legal representative.

2.3. During registration, the user is required to indicate a game name and an e-mail address addressed to the user. He has no right to the assignment of a given player name. The name of the player must not constitute a violation of the rights of third parties and must not be detrimental to the morality. As a player name, e-mail or internet addresses must not be used. The user is responsible for the truthfulness and completeness of the data provided by these to 4Story.GG during registration.

2.4. Registration is performed personally. Registration by third parties is not allowed.

2.5. Acceptance of the registration request takes place on the 4Story.GG portal by means of an authorization confirmation sent by e-mail. With the e-mail in question, the user receives an activation link. By clicking on it, 4Story.GG enables the user and the player account. With the authorization or activation of another type by 4Story.GG, a permanent contract of use conforming to the present conditions is perfected between it and the user. In some cases the registration procedure may differ from that specified here; the user will be adequately informed in this regard.

2.6. After registration, the user will create a user account (user account), which he can administer independently.

2.7. The user account is not transferable unless expressly authorized by 4Story.GG.

2.8. There is no right to registration and licensing.

3 General obligations of the user

3.1. User data The user undertakes to immediately communicate to 4Story.GG all future changes made to the user data provided during registration, in particular the changes affecting the e-mail address. The user agrees to confirm to 4Story.GG upon request the correctness of the data of the same.

3.2. Log-in data, identifiers, password.

3.2.1. The user undertakes to keep the maximum confidentiality in relation to his log-in data, to all identifiers and passwords. The user can enter the log-in data exclusively on the internet pages managed by 4Story.GG.

3.2.2. "Log-in data" and "identifiers and passwords" means all strings of letters and / or characters and / or numbers used to identify the user and exclude unauthorized third parties from use. It is appropriate that the password does not match the player's name and that it contains a combination of numbers and letters.

3.2.3. The user undertakes to ensure that unauthorized third parties do not access their log-in data, all identifiers and passwords.

3.2.4. In the event that the user has reason to presume that third parties are or may be entered illegally in possession of the data, he will provide immediate communication to 4Story.GG and will modify the data themselves by 4Story.GG. In such case or in the eventuality in which 4Story.GG suspects that the data have been used abusively, it will also have the right to temporarily suspend the access of the user. The user will be authorized to use again as soon as the suspicion of data misuse has been dispelled.

3.2.5. The user is not in any case authorized to use the log-in data of other users.

3.3. Use of 4Story.GG web pages and their contents

3.3.1. The user undertakes to omit any act that may jeopardize or disturb the operation of 4Story.GG's internet pages or of the individual services and services offered therein and not to access data to which the user has no right of access. It is permitted to recall the contents prepared exclusively in such a way that the use of 4Story.GG's internet pages and the contents of other users is not compromised. It is not allowed to send data or software that can intervene on the hardware or software components of the recipients.

3.3.2. The user has no right to publish content on the 4Story.GG website.

3.3.3. It is forbidden to use 4Story.GG web pages through anonymization services that suppress the user's IP address.

3.4. links
It is allowed to create links to 4Story.GG web pages only if they are aimed at interconnecting pages. However, 4Story.GG reserves the right to revoke this authorization. However, it is not allowed to integrate or represent 4Story.GG web pages or contents of the same through hyperlinks in frames (frames).

4 Special conditions for using the online game
4.1. Any form of manipulative intervention in online gaming is prohibited. In particular, the user is not authorized to make use of measures, mechanisms or software that could compromise the operation and the course of the game. The user is not authorized to take measures that can cause excessive or unreasonable loading of technical skills. The user is not allowed to block, overwrite or modify the contents generated by 4Story.GG, nor to intervene in the game in such a way as to constitute a disturbance.
4.2. The user is not allowed under any circumstances:
a) create or use cheat, mod and / or hack, or make use of software produced by third parties that may modify the regular course of the online game;
b) use software that allows data mining or intercepts or otherwise collects information related to online gaming;
c) make use of the virtual objects used in the online game outside of the game itself, or buy, sell or exchange such items in exchange for "real" money.
The foregoing also includes all acts of deception and similar or comparable behaviors in their effect to the aforementioned prohibitions.

4.3. All rights to the virtual items used in the online game and granted in use for consideration only belong to 4Story.GG. What is specified also applies to virtual objects created by the user. The user grants 4Story.GG the exclusive and unlimited right in terms of space, time and content to use the virtual objects created by them. This right includes in particular the rights to reproduce, disseminate and process the objects in question. With regard to virtual objects, the user only has a non-exclusive right to use and is temporally limited to the duration of the contract.

5 Effects of failure to comply with obligations
5.1. 4Story.GG is not liable for damages resulting from the violation of obligations attributable to the user.

5.2. Without prejudice to any other right established by law or contract, 4Story.GG may, at its own discretion, take the following measures if the user violates the law, the rights of third parties, the present conditions of use or the integral conditions applicable to the case due to his fault and the rules of the games:
a) modification or deletion of contents,
b) warning of the user,
c) publication of the unlawful behavior in the online game concerned and indication of the user name,
d) temporary or permanent suspension of the user from online gaming and the use of the contents of 4Story.GG web pages,
e) exclusion of the user,
f) termination without notice of the contract of use.
5.3. In the event that the user has been suspended or excluded, he is not authorized to log in again without prior consent from 4Story.GG. There is therefore no right to cancel a suspension, an exclusion, a ban on the virtual frequency of internet pages or other measures.

6 Fees for use
6.1. The use of online gaming and other service offers is free of charge.

6.2. The user can however make a contribution for consideration (hereinafter referred to simply for donation) and obtain individual offers of services or features in the context of online gaming.

6.3. If a minor user intends to donate a quantity of money, he / she ensures that the means necessary to implement it have been provided to the user by his legal representative for the purpose of the donation or that the underage user is authorized to make free use.

6.4. The established fees are payable as soon as the contract has been concluded. The debit is usually performed by the person in charge of payment transactions; Any general conditions of contract applied in individual cases by the person in charge (specifically the payment service operator) will always have validity in order subordinated to the present conditions of use.

6.5. The user ensures that the indications (specifically bank details, credit card number, etc.) provided in the context of payment transactions are complete and correct.

6.6. 4Story.GG reserves the right to change the payment methods at any time.

. 4Story.GG reserves the right to change the amount of compensation for features within the game (including virtual currencies). This includes the right of 4Story.GG to reduce or increase its fees for future purchases of features within games.

6.8. If 4Story.GG incurs charges for cancellation or for unsuccessful debits due to circumstances imputable to the user (among these falls an insufficient coverage on the account), the user will bear the costs incurred. 4Story.GG will be able to recover such charges and compensation by means of a new debit transaction. 4Story.GG is authorized to claim compensation for further damages.

7 Limitations to liability
7.1. The user responds personally and directly to third parties of the violations attributable to him of their rights. The user undertakes to repay 4Story.GG any damage that may arise from the failure to comply with the obligations arising from these terms of use. The user will find 4Story.GG unharmed from any rights claimed by other users or third parties against 4Story.GG itself in the event that the contents created by the user violate their rights or if the user does not fulfill other obligations. In such cases, the user will also bear the costs of legal aid necessary for 4Story.GG as well as the total amount of legal expenses and the legal representative. What is specified does not apply if the legal violation is not attributable to the user.

7.2. In case of problems not attributable to 4Story.GG that affect the lines, it will not assume any responsibility.

8 Duration of the contract; cancellation of the user account
8.1. The contract for the use of the 4Story.GG portal, the online game and other service offers is stipulated indefinitely. It acquires validity as from the authorization or authorization by 4Story.GG.

8.2. Each party has the right to terminate the contract for good reason without observing any deadline for termination. Specifically, there is a good reason if:
(a) behavior occurs that affects the gaming experience of other users to a significant extent;
b) cheat, mod and / or hacks or other forms of software, tools or scripts that may modify the experience or the game mechanism in the online game are used;
c) the use of the user's account by third parties is proven,
d) you make use of the virtual items used in the online game outside of the game itself, if you purchase, sell or trade such items in exchange for "real" money or
e) the user violates the law, the present conditions of use, the current conditions that integrate them and / or the rules of the game through his own fault.

8.3. 4Story.GG is authorized to cancel the user account if there are legitimate reasons (eg prolonged inactivity). 4Story.GG may also cancel the user account at the end of the contract at its own discretion.

9 Protection of personal data

9.1. Personal data will be processed, exclusively by authorized subjects, with automated tools and for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are collected.

9.2. 4Story.GG also reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions of use. It will be up to the users to keep themselves informed about the modification of the present general conditions of use. The user declares his / her consent to the acquisition of validity of the modified conditions of use by executing a new log-in on the pages of 4Story.GG or the gaming client after the modified conditions have entered into force.

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